A Wire-In fully programmable transmission controller to suit the Nissan / Jatco  RE4   4 speed transmissions.

This controller is suitable for Nissan Patrol RE4 transmissions (Patrol, Skyline etc)

Up shift points and downshift points for each gear can be mapped

– Line pressure for each gear can be mapped
– Full control over Torque converter lock and unlock parameters
– Optional RPM based shift mode to allow consistent shifting at the selected RPM per gear for 1/4 mile vehicles

– Switchable Automatic or Full Manual mode
– Optional inputs for upshift and downshift paddle switches
– Optional programmable speedo output

Click Here to see the screen shots of the tuning interface

Requires electronic vehicle speed signal
Requires throttle position signal
Requires electronic engine RPM signal

Requires factory transmission harness as this is a wire in controller,  and gets wired in place of the factory Nissan Controller

Supplied with a 1.2m wire in harness, Installation Instructions, Software CD and Programming Cable, and a base calibration.

We can offer remote support to help setup the TCM if required

Can be used with the Nissan TB48 / RE5 tiptronic shifter with an additional interface module

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 32 × 15 cm


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