GM 4L60e / 4L80e – 4 Speed Fully Programmable Transmission Controller




A  fully programmable transmission controller to suit the  GM 4L60e  / 4L80e   4 speed transmissions, supplied with pre-terminated sub harness.

Up shift points and downshift points for each gear can be mapped

– Line pressure for each gear can be mapped
– Full control over Torque converter lock and unlock parameters
– Optional RPM based shift mode to allow consistent shifting at the selected RPM per gear for 1/4 mile vehicles

– Switchable Automatic or Full Manual mode
– Optional inputs for upshift and downshift paddle switches
– Optional programmable speedo output

Click Here to see the screen shots of the tuning interface

Requires electronic vehicle speed signal
Requires throttle position signal
Requires electronic engine RPM signal

Note that many 1993 and earlier 4L80E transmissions had a different connector – this unit uses the later style that was used in most 1994 and later transmissions.

We can offer remote support to help setup the TCM if required

Parts included

  • MicroSquirt Transmission Controller
  • Complete 4L60e / 4L80E wiring harness
  • 6 pin black connector for power, ground, and MS3 CAN bus
  • 8 pin gray connector for additional inputs
  • 18 crimp pins for the above connectors

See our TCU quick start guide for what you will need to set this up.



Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 30 cm

4L60e, 4L80e


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