Ford ION BA/BF 4 Speed Fully Programmable Transmission Controller




A fully programmable transmission controller to suit the Ford ION 4 speed transmissions
(Suitable for BA/BF 4 Speed Transmissions – NOT Suitable for EB,ED,EF,EL,AU 4 Speed Transmissions)

Shift points and downshift points for each gear can be mapped

– Line pressure for each gear can be mapped
– Full control over Torque converter lock and unlock parameters
– Optional RPM based shift mode to allow consistent shifting at the selected RPM per gear for 1/4 mile vehicles

– Switchable Automatic or Full Manual mode
– Optional inputs for upshift and downshift paddle switches
– Optional programmable speedo output

Requires electronic vehicle speed signal
Requires throttle position signal
Requires electronic engine RPM signal – can not be connected to coil nagative!

Requires factory transmission harness as this is a wire in controller, 1x round transmission plug and 1x 2 pin gear position switch connector

Supplied with a wire in harness, Installation Instructions, Software and Programming Cable

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm



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