Patrol RE4 Valve Body Upgrade

Patrol RE4 Valve Body Upgrade


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Nissan RE4 valve body upgrade – KEAS modified valve body to suit Nissan Patrol RE4 Transmission

Stage 1 – Firmer shifts, ideal for towing and general driving
Stage 2 Plus – harder shifts modified seperator plate and accumulator circuits, 25% more line pressure over stage 1
Stage 3 – Extreme for highly modified engines, very harsh shifts not recommended for every day driving

Full manual valve bodies also available, both electric 4th to suit factory PRND2L shifters or mechanical 4th to suit aftermarket 7 position shifters (PRN4321)
Please note mechanical 4th will require the removal of the factory inhibitor switch and the park/neutral and reverse light circuits to be wired through the aftermarket shifter

Valve bodies are sold on an exchange basis – For an advance change over, A core deposit fee will apply and you will need to send your existing valve body to us, and the core deposit will be refunded once we receive your valve body.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

1, 2, 3, FM1, FM2


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