Powerbond 25% Underdrive Kit- BA BF FG v8

Powerbond 25% Underdrive Kit- BA BF FG v8


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Includes Water Pump Pulley

The Ford v8 is a serpentine belt engine and benefits from under-driving the accessory pulleys to reduce parasitic power losses from the alternator, air conditioning, water pump and power steering at high engine RPMs.
A smaller, lighter harmonic balancer is like a lightweight flywheel and can sharpen throttle response and allow the engine to rev out faster.

The Powerbond 25% under drive balancer for the Ford v8 engine is SFI approved for all forms of motor sport. The precision CNC machined steel hub and intertia ring is assembled using Powerbond’s pressure bonded rubber eliminating balancer separation and spinning. Every Powerbond unit is dynamically balanced at the factory for smooth running at ultra high RPMs

Includes 25% Underdriven Harmonic Balancer and Water Pump Pulley to suit BA BF and FG V8.

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